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Tony Guthrie, Keynote Speaker

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Tony, years before he ever dreamed of becoming a keynote speaker, grew up in Nashville and spent the first 26 years of life in Tennessee. After graduating high school and dropping out of Memphis State University (now University of Memphis), he started a career with his father’s construction company. Here he handled the finishing side of the business. Sensing a call to professional church/educational ministry, Tony left the construction industry and entered theological seminary. He earned a B. A., 2 Master’s degrees, and a Ph. D.  Here is where he developed his passions for writing, presentation, and keynote speaking.

After serving as a pastor throughout the 1990s Tony became a professor of preaching/rhetoric/public speaking  of Luther Rice University. He also served as Director of the Doctoral Studies. The doctoral program was declining in enrollment and was on the verge of being eliminated. Utilizing his change management skills, Dr. Guthrie, with the assistance of committed faculty, turned the program around and today has higher enrollment, higher graduation rates, and remains in the black financially. Also, in this capacity he aids/assists professional clergymen and lay business people in career planning. After the economy took it’s downturn in 2008 he became interested in how difficult it was becoming for people to secure employment, particularly those over 50. He conducted intense research, interviewed career transition specialists, recruiters, and the like in order to learn all he could to assist the struggling unemployed to secure meaningful employment.

In 2002 he started a successful part-time textile cleaning business simply to bring in extra income and to learn business building strategies and methods In developed business-building skills from business coaches like Howard Partridge and Michael Gerber. In 2012 he sold the business.

Tony has a passion for health and wellness, personal development and success, blogging, and internet marketing, and sharing his expertise and knowledge as a keynote speaker.

Keynote topics

  • Career Success/Transition after 50 – In an increasingly challenging job market, 50-somethings are finding it more and more difficult to find or even hold employment positions. This topic addresses what 50-somethings need to know, do, and be in order to remain viable employment candidates or employees.
  • Change Management for Business – the world of business is changing at breakneck speed. Too often traditional company leadership tries to adhere to older models of marketing, sales, and office structures. This topic addresses the need for a new mindset and new business models.
  • Success Principles of Jesus – Not as religious as the title implies. No matter what people believe on religious matters, all tend to agree that Jesus was one of the most impactful human beings in history. This topic looks at the specific success principles utilized by Jesus.
  • Stress/weight management for busy professionals – In this day and age of  statin medications and high blood pressure, often caused by the fast-paced- high stress business culture it is time for some common sense approaches that are easily adaptable for the busy professional.


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